Knowledge Dissemination

The dissemination of knowledge involves the sharing and exchange of knowledge and intellectual capital between different people. The world is full of barriers to effective dissemination, which is why the Academy is committed to promoting global knowledge sharing. The Academy achieves this goal by fostering international academic cooperation, communicating cutting-edge academic research to the global public, and sharing research reports and findings, among other strategies.



The Academy offers a range of grants and other funding opportunities to recognize significant and cutting-edge contributions made by scholars to the international academic community. Through our awarding of different grants and membership, the Academy works in partnership with universities, organizations, and industries to promote academic excellence among our members and other scholars worldwide.


Translation and Bridging the Academic-Society Gap

Translating ideas, skills, and innovations from the academic sphere to the broader social context is essential to future prosperity. The Academy’s efforts in sharing academic findings with a broader audience, fostering innovation, and applying sciences and technologies to society’s challenges serve to enhance the value and importance of science and knowledge by connecting academia, industry, and the international community.


Public Engagement

Public engagement is crucial to supporting the dissemination of academic findings to the general public. The Academy initiates and supports activities that encourage both the international community and the general public to engage with leading scholars. Its public events programs, members’ news and essays, and international conferences offer additional opportunities to interact with our members.


Scholarly Meetings and Prizes

Our academic meetings convene scholars from around the world to present and discuss new research. The Academy’s medals, awards, and prizes recognize academic excellence in the sciences, technologies, and arts.



Diversity is an essential component of an international organization. Everyone who has or is considering a career in academia should be encouraged, supported, welcomed and given equal opportunities to excel. The Academy is committed to promoting diversity in science and education, which includes members’ participation in activities, the fellowship selection process, the evaluation of prizes and awards, and other matters.