CORE Centers

CORE Scientific Centers 

The Academy established CORE Science Centers as regional research centers to support theoretical research or the transformation of science and technology achievements. Each CORE center is governed by the Core Academy directly or co-governed by the Academy and its partners. 

The Academy Fellows will have priority in being appointed as advisors, researchers, or directors of each CORE center. Fellows who intend to establish a research center with the Academy or participate in a particular research center are welcome to propose to the Secretariat at

Zhejiang CORE Center (International Laboratory for Materials Research) 

1 Office.jpg

Address: Zhuji Science and Technology Park, No. 18, Puyang Road, Jiyang Street, Zhuji City, Zhejiang, China

Hong Kong CORE Center (Forthcoming) 


Xinjiang CORE Center (Forthcoming, Ürümqi)