Call for "News"

Contribute to the "News" Section

The Core Academy encourages all our members (including nonmembers) to actively interact with the organization, our audiences, and all other members. The "News" section is a perfect platform to achieve this objective.

We invite all Fellows to actively share their:

· recent news and stories

· discussion of your current research and findings

· significant new publications (further discussion and deep analysis of the work is greatly appreciated)

·  essays or reviews (including "popular science articles", your recent findings, and article/book review)

· Interview video or other public videos (or agreeing to be interviewed by the Academy secretariat staff)

· anything you found interesting and worth sharing

How to Contribute?

Please send your document(s) to the Academy Secretariat at

Alternatively, please Log in to your member's login page and submit your document(s) directly through the submission button. 

 (for those nonmembers who would like to contribute an essay or popular articles to our website, please include a short personal introduction with your submission).